The solutions we identify create the foundation for making coordinated public and private sector investment decisions.



The Impact of Transit on Regional Growth

Strategic Regional Research Alliance (SRRA) with its partners, the Cities of Toronto, Markham and Mississauga, and York Region (the project team) studied the effect of Regional Express Rail (RER), the SmartTrack plan proposed during the 2014 Mayoralty Campaign by then candidate John Tory, and other transit projects on projected growth in the region.


The Nodal Study: The Future of Office Development in the GTHA

This study is a high level assessment of places in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) where the next wave of office growth is likely to occur. 


The New Geography of Office Location

This 2011 study demonstrated that the location of major office employment had shifted in a very short time frame from downtown Toronto to non-transit location.


A Region in Transition

This study shows the benefits of collaboration between land use policy, transit planning and economic development: a better environment in which to live, work and play.


The Business Case for the Regional Relief Line

The "Regional Relief Line" (RRL) connects the majority of the Region's office employment clusters, offering employers and employees an unprecedented degree of mobility choice, considerable reduction in commute time, significant congestion relief in the 905 and the downtown core. 


Mississauga Office Strategy Study

Completed in 2008, this study for Mississauga office development has led directly to new planning policies and a highly valuable transit alignment now planned for Hurontario Street.