A Region in Transition

The latest study in our series shows the benefits of collaboration between land use policy, transit planning and economic development. The benefits linked the shared value of both public and private sector investment in building a better environment in which to live, work and play.


  • Created awareness within Provincial government that transit investment decisions must achieve appropriate return on investment from outset and that land use/economic development policies must be coordinated with transit investment.
  • Motivated Province to establish Transit Panel to evaluate the best methods for investing transit.
  • Triggered City of Mississauga, now working with HOOPP, to focus on problem of low amenity, auto-oriented business parks.
  • Demonstrated need to develop regional planning policies to protect land for office development in appropriate locations.
  • Led York Region and City of Toronto to participate in SRRA to improve the quality of their decision making.


"This is the best part of the study I've ever seen and I can't stop reading it.'