Resource Centre

Planning new transit and other infrastructure ought to be based on as much evidence and knowledge as possible. SRRA has built a unique data platform which is made up of both public and private sector data and knowledge. This resource is not available in one place anywhere else and providers SRRA’s partners and researchers with a better understanding of the impact of new projects.

Infrastructure prioritization is critical to maximizing value. It is too risky to simply have a gut feeling that something looks right. The more knowledge and information which accompanies these decisions will lead to more transparency, greater acceptance by the public, and produce more positive results.

SRRA's research has shown that the lack of a common, widely accepted base of data on which transit investment is based has led to sub-optimal decisions. Starting with one common set of data which shows annually where people live, work, and travel SRRA has been able to assess future growth by combining private sector market and public sector policy data into an appreciation of the value of new projects.

Congestion is a direct result of growth in the region, particularly where transit is weak and road capacity limited. SRRA’s Resource Centre provides comprehensive statistics on where people live and work, and where they will live and work in the future. In doing so, the Resource Centre provides SRRA and its partners with a more complete understanding of where new investment in transit infrastructure is needed and where existing infrastructure can be optimized.