The GTHA leads North America in attracting more people than any other major urban region, but underinvestment in mobility options is leading to unacceptable levels of congestion on roads and transit infrastructure.

SRRA convenes a conversation between decision makers in the public and private sectors allowing them to share knowledge, information and data and find the best possible solutions to the complexities of infrastructure investment.

Billions of dollars are being spent on new infrastructure, roads, transit, schools, hospitals, utilities with very little investment in the knowledge, data and evidence required to prioritize decisions. Transparent, non-partisan evidence and knowledge builds public confidence and political acceptance for further investment required to maintain the high standard of living and quality of life driving the GTHA’s extraordinary growth

SRRA’s objective is to provide policy innovation with evidence based solutions.

SRRA has built a regional resource center which provides an opportunity to evaluate and optimize new investment. Research based on its unique resources and the experience and knowledge from its partners and other associates is the foundation of SRRA’s solutions.



Our Roads Are Reaching Full Capacity. Transit Must Be a Viable, Affordable, Convenient Alternative. 


  • Aligning development alongside the transit we build is critical to prosperity.
  • It is also essential that we maintain the quality of life the Region was build on.


Why SRRA Is Unique


  • Partnership between public and private expertise drives SRRA's evidence-based research.
  • SRRA embraces the many interests in the Region by facilitating a conversation designed to create shared value through more informed public policy.
  • SRRA offers unique access to proprietary data and the resources of our partners that is used for the competitive benefit by all stakeholders in the complexities of City Building. 

A Region In Transition Video

This animated 8 minute video shows the remarkable growth of Greater Toronto Hamilton Area over the last 100 years.