Research Briefings

SRRA introduced in the Spring of 2018 a new series of publications called Research Briefings. These publications are extracts from recent publications.

They will be posted as they become available.



Business Case Analysis - September 2018

Strategic Regional Research Alliance (SRRA) and its founders have conducted over 20 Business Case Analyses (BCA). Terms also commonly used for such inquiries include; Cost Benefit Analysis, Business Cases, Pro Formas, and Value Plans. SRRA has employed the BCA process and applied its principles in developing arguments for educational facilities, employment clustering, real estate development and transit… Read More


Quick Relief - June 2018

The single most pressing problem facing commuters travelling to jobs in the core is overcrowding at the St George and Yonge/Bloor interchange stations and the two legs of Line 1 south of Bloor. The Downtown Relief Line proposal (DRL) is seen by many as the only solution to this problem.  While funding for preliminary study has been approved there is no current funding committed for a 12 to 15year project estimated to cost in excess of $14 billion…Read More