Quality of Life and Prosperity in the Region is at Risk Due to Congestion and Long Commutes

  • The Region's prosperity drives the prosperity of the province and the rest of the country.
  • New approaches to planning, economic and transit policy are required if we are to fit 3 million new people into where 6 million live now. 
  • Intensification, the challenge replacing sprawl, if not addressed effectively will dramatically drive up costs to employers and working people and reduce the competitiveness of the Region.

Our Roads Are Reaching Full Capacity. Transit Must Be a Viable, Affordable, Convenient Alternative. 


  • Aligning development alongside the transit we build is critical to prosperity.
  • It is also essential that we maintain the quality of life the Region was build on.


Why SRRA Is Unique


  • Partnership between public and private expertise drives SRRA's evidence-based research.
  • SRRA embraces the many interests in the Region by facilitating a conversation designed to create shared value through more informed public policy.
  • SRRA offers unique access to proprietary data and the resources of our partners that is used for the competitive benefit by all stakeholders in the complexities of City Building. 

A Region In Transition Video

This animated 8 minute video shows the remarkable growth of Greater Toronto Hamilton Area over the last 100 years.