The Greater Toronto Region is growing faster than any other major urban region in North America. Underinvestment in transit, roads and mobility options is leading to unacceptable levels of congestion challenging the global competitiveness of the Region.

Without effective policy innovation across many sectors of public activity the Region may not sustain its position as a leader in providing the best possible place to live and work.

SRRA convenes a conversation between the public and private sectors, allowing participants to share knowledge, data and information. Our partnership between governments, government agencies and the private sector provides a better understanding of the complexities of making effective infrastructure investment decisions.


SRRA offers unique access to proprietary data and the resources of our partners and associates which would otherwise not be available for policy development. This forum of knowledge produces innovations in policy which have led to the creation of significant change in transit and land use practice.

SRRA conducts research and presents that research in Forums held periodically. The summary of the Forums is provided on the website and all publications are available to the public.

SRRA is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to provide evidence to support policy innovation in infrastructure investment.